Monday, October 5, 2009

Oh, Be Careful "Little's" Ears What You Hear.....


      While watching the popular reality show, The Amazing Race, one Sunday evening with the children, one of the pairs of competitors on the show was in the midst of completing one of their tasks.  In the dialogue between the pair, one of the ladies said, “What the Hell?” 

Let me preface this scene with the information that, our precious Little is, who we refer to as, ‘The Morality Police.’  She is prone to noticing, absorbing, and assimilating most vulgarity to which she is a witness including, but not limited to, vulgar language…….Lucky us! 

Back to the scene:  To which, our ‘morality police-girl,’ Little drew in the deep and long gasp that would lead the average person to passing out.  Mr. Analytical says, “What is it, Little?”  With that ‘tattle-tale’ look on her face, Little confidently reports, “She said the ‘W’ word!”  Mr. Analytical looks quizzically at her and…yes, thinking that we escaped her noticing the ‘H’ word the girl said…he asks, “What’s the ‘W’ word, Little?”  Little cups her hands around her mouth and whispers, “Whatthehell.  I have to whisper it so I don’t get in trouble for saying it.”

Perhaps we should inform her kindergarten teacher that she needs to emphasize the visualization of the ‘finger spaces’ between words in sentences and phrases…..?  Or not.


  1. oh my gosh, that's hilarious!! the 'w' word....... oh my!!

    i especially love how she can quote back the info-mercials... that's talent!

  2. I am now adding the W word to my dictionary of "Unsafe Words"!

  3. Pam, I think you should write "The Safe Book of All That is Unsafe!" It would be both a Newbery and Caldecott award winner as well as ALA Noteable and possibly Nobel Prize worthy!