Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's Funny to You?

I just finished a funny book that I didn't think was very funny. Did that book succeed? I don't think so.

I have never thought 'bottom' humor was very funny. Not anything about it is funny; yet this author went On and On about girlie parts, poop, burps and other gastro-nightmares. NOT funny I say! All of HER stories centered around some sort of disgusting bodily fluid.... typical for a boy, but a lady? NO!

So, I started to think if I don't think she's funny, then it's possible (even remotely) that some of you might not think PrissE and I are funny. Don't worry. That doesn't make you fail.

Let me know.... what is FUNNY to you?


  1. Ummmm....yes, we're funny! Have you MET us?
    Bottom humor, however, is "beneath" us!

  2. You Both are funny to me!!

    Here's what else is funny....
    ~Vince Vaughn and all his movies - especially the new one Couples Retreat - See it! Laugh!! And be refreshed by wonderful Vince!
    ~the show Modern Family on Wednesday nights
    ~my 3 year old especially when she if playing make-believe and decides that since some of her tv shows say things in spanish that she should too but her version is slightly off e.g. while putting random stuff in the sock she just took off she says "Trash Cans is spanish for Socks" What?!? Funny!!!

    Hope those made you laugh more than the book you just finished with the wrong kind of humor. Let's find a new funny book to read...

  3. I heart FamilyForrest!!!! Which, btw, sounds like an awesome title to new sitcom!!!!!!

  4. I heart FamilyForrest too!! Like, a lot!! and, Modern Family is hysterical! LOVE IT!! watch it, and laugh, laugh, laugh.....

    anyone want to see a show??

  5. i want to see a show!! let's go!!! oh and by the way i Heart Sassy and PrissE!!! You are awesome! Keep the blog posts coming! Here's to Laughter and thanks for starting the discussion Sassy!!

  6. oooh oooh I'm 440!!! Sweet!!! Way to gather the hits ladies!!